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Reborn! CCG6 cards

Недавно приобрела себе Reborn! CCG6 карточки. Играть я в них не умею и все равно забавно :dance:
На этот раз все сканы будут в моем исполнении.

Сканы довольно тяжелые, так, что ссылки на картинки размещены на загрузочном сервере.

Сначала коробка:

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@музыка: Kate Bush - Rubberband Girl

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Bleach 121

Yay :super: Bleach sorta kiils me of late. e.g. in ep119 they extended the flash back and not only Ikkaku, but also Yumichika and Zaraki had their moments (not to mention Renji) and now... Well, new opening (in ep 121) is nothing special, but I liked the song. But as for the ending it's vice versa - the song sucks to my ears, but the animation though bad in quality suggests some new installments (I for one like the coupling of Byakuya and Shuuhei - and I know one particular person who would just roar at that pairing coming from things like Hisoyakana Jounetsu dramas). The fighting scenes actully became more action less talk and now it really reminds me of PCG. As for the rest we'll have to wait and see - more coming soon :ura:
(the pic is taken from the official site of the new Bleach PCG)

@музыка: Romi Paku - Bleach The Limitation

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Am totally and completely into Hikago at the moment. Jees, the project rules really :super:
Apart from unbelievably capturing plot and tension that keeps high most of the time in manga in Hikago I've found one of the cutest and most TRUE pairings of late: HikaAki. Some say they resemble H/D, some point out they are like an old married couple.
Well, maybe, but they are also very stern most passionate about each other and absolutely inseparable :kiss: :duel: My OTP these days
And of course, there's also Sai (*sigh)

@музыка: Hikaru no Go - Bokura no Bouken

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