No.6 End cards

I finally gathered all the No.6 end cards with toi8 beautiful art. I
believe that all of them will be added as actual printed cards to the
DVD releases of the series. Well, here's the capped version so far:

from Episode 1:

from Episode 2:

from Episode 3:

from Episode 4:

from Episode 5:

from Episode 6: Eve-sama on stage

from Episode 7:

from Episode 8:

from Episode 9:

from Episode 10: - this one is cute beyond words <3<3<3

so in love with toi8-san art. It's gorgeous!!! And from what I can see
on the net I can tell that it causes more commotion (and is in greater
demand) than the project itself (well, in a way ^___-)

@музыка: Aimer - 六等星の夜

@темы: No.6, Nezum, Shion, art, pic, toi8


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